New online gambling laws in the Netherlands coming in 2021

Dutch gambling authorities to deliver licenses to online casinos in 2021

Gambling authorities in the Netherlands confident to receive over 100 license requests starting January 2021

The Dutch ministery in charge of  “Gambling regulations” announced new legislation intending to change the gambling industry, and the online casinos' scene in the Netherlands. After many years of uncertainty and confusion, online casino providers will be able to legally promote and provide real money games to Dutch players. The new legislation comes as wonderful news both for brands with a clear insight into the market potential and for online casino users.

The challenges faced by Dutch consumers in search of online gaming.

Currently, finding a suitable online casino in the Netherlands is a real challenge. The current legislation considerably affects the margins of actions for gaming providers with EU licenses willing to operate in the Dutch market. While it is easy to find pay and play online casinos in the Netherlands, it is often difficult to find a casino personalized to a Dutch audience. The majority of providers do not feature Dutch characteristics, nor offer Dutch as an option in the language selection. This is due to the simple fact that, the prohibition to directly target the Dutch audience.

The new regulations will not only legalize online gambling but will also permit online casinos with a valid Dutch license to adjust their products and offers to consumers in the local market.

A license to operate in the Dutch market: How, When and where?

According to the Dutch Gaming Authority officials, they are anticipating applications to obtain a license from over 100 candidates in the near future. It will be possible to send the application for a review, as soon as next year, January 2021. Along with the request, online casino providers applying for the license will be required to pay a €45,000 fee. In case of a non-favorable reply from the (KSA), the paid fees are nonrefundable.

KSA officials have made it clear that early submission of the request application does not guaranty acceptance. Each applicant’s file will be methodically examined according to strict rules. Gaming providers will need to meet specific criteria and be up to the standards.

Some of the decisive criteria include:
  • Previews activities targeting of a Dutch audience through marketing materials or incentives (Banners, Bonuses).
  • A background check on the company’s activities in recent years.
  • Verification of the measures implemented to prevent and protect users from gambling addiction.
  • Verification of the measures put in place block underaged visitors from accessing the content of the sites or consuming the promoted products (Real money casino games).
    New details will be updated soon, as the situation is still developing.