Online casinos invested in Charities, and other environmental campaigns

Charities, Environmental care, and other initiatives by Online Casinos

Online casinos invested in Charities, and other environmental campaigns

The current environmental issue is a sad reality that affects everyone. No matter where we are, what we do, and how we go about our lifestyles, we should all be concerned with the environment around us.

For decades, the management of environmental issues has often been left to governments to deal with. And this has not always been for the common benefit of all. Judging by the deforestation caused by the wood industry, the oil industry pollution, and other sources of CO2 rejection in the atmosphere, we can conclude that governments are not always implementing the righteous approach to the issue.

However, in recent years, many companies in the gambling industry are stepping up to the fight, making their small contribution to combat the harmful effects of environmental mismanagement.

Noble initiatives and positive gestures by online casinos

Beyond the fight for a healthier environment, many online casinos or affiliated companies choose to intervene directly by making donations to charities and human rights organizations. Especially those fighting gambling addictions and other negative effects of excessive betting.

One of the most outspoken Pay N Play Casinos is Casumo. Launched in 2012, Casumo is a renowned player in the iGaming industry with hundreds of thousands of users across the world. The company has been active in top world markets and countries such as Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, India, Finland, and Sweden.

With annual revenues in the millions, Casumo often uses its platform and finances to support noble causes. Last November, the casino donated £6,317 to GamCare’s BigDeal Programme under the initiative of the Royal British Legion. Casumo is also known for its stance to support gender equality and LGBT charity organizations.

Big companies at the forefront of the fight for a better environment

Among the many companies actively involved in this initiative, the Gauselmann Group recently made headlines. The Grouselmann Group is a German gambling company that is run by Paul Gauselmann. Mr. Gauselmann is well-known and respected for his contributions and achievements in the gaming industry. The Gauselmann Group is, among other things, the parent company of Mercury, a leading land-based and online casino software provider.

The Group recently challenged itself, by starting a great environmental campaign. Nicknamed “The Tree of Life”, the campaign aims to plant more than 85,000 new trees across Germany. Far from being a random number, the online gaming executive held dear the symbolic aspect of launching the campaign on his 85th birthday.

1000 trees planted for each year of life as a sign of appreciation as the objective announced for the campaign initiated by Paul Gauselmann's Group. Despite the current restriction of movements caused by the Covid-19 pandemic confinement, the first trees have already been planted in Nettelstedt, in the Minden-Lübbecke district. The company aimed to plant the first 10,000 trees by the end of April and carry on with the rest of the program throughout 2020.