Royal Panda Finishes Its Migration to LeoVegas

Royal Panda Finishes Its Migration to LeoVegas

Royal Panda Finishes Its Migration to LeoVegas

Royal Panda is a LeoVegas-owned gaming brand that previously announced it would migrate to LeoVegas group’s tech platform.

All LeoVegas brands now run on the same platform.

By using the same platform for all their brands, LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group’s operations will be much more focused and efficient. Each brand can scale appropriately and benefit from using the same technology. This is opposed to the previous method where some brands could grow faster simply due to the platform on which they operated.

Using this singular platform also helps keep LeoVegas’ brands better organized.

Rhino was designed for multi-brand operation

Rhino, the company’s platform on which all their brands now operate, was originally designed for this functionality. Currently, Rhino is licensed in 8 jurisdictions and is used by over 10 brands.

Single-platform use minimizes redundancies in operations, updates, and development typically found in multi-platform use. Rhino helps LeoVegas minimize costs and complexity while maximizing technological advancement and profitability.

Royal Panda will still look and feel the same. The update is entirely under the hood

Using Rhino still allows companies to develop unique user experiences and brand identities. In the case of Royal Panda, the look and feel will remain exactly the same for players.

The initial major change that customers will be able to see is an increase in speed. Down the pipeline, Royal Panda users will be able to use multiple payment options and play new mobile casino games that would otherwise be impossible.

Gustaf Hagman, LeoVegas’ Chief Executive, stated his eagerness to free up resources and speed up growth. This ultimately adds up to a better gaming experience for all Royal Panda players.